With competition being extremely high for buyers in today’s market, there’s a tendency for people to shy away from their dreams of homeownership.  They may have all the tools and resources, but talk in the media or a few bad experiences have left them fearful or confused about the best route to take.  We wanted to outline 3 ways that we can help you be a WINNER in today’s market as a buyer!

#1 – Be Prepared!

In the internet age, everything about a new listing is right at your fingertips.  Buyers get caught up in all the beautiful photography which often leads to a “let’s just go look” mindset when they really have no idea what they can actually afford.  The result is most often a feeling of disappointment when that home sells quickly and a buyer realizing they put the cart before the horse.  What we tell all of our potential buyer clients is that their first step is for us to put them in touch with a qualified mortgage professional.  This person will walk them through loan options and help find the perfect product for them based on their credit and available funds.  They will gather needed information so that when that buyer sees the house they love, they are already approved and ready to go, which in turn makes them an excellent candidate for the home in the eyes of the seller.  This is hugely important in a market where you’re often competing against other buyers for the home.


#2  – Fully understand what you WANT vs NEED

Another thing that we find is extremely important for buyers in this market is taking time to understand wants vs needs.  With a limited supply of houses for sale and increasing competition for the houses that are available, it’s very important to pinpoint what you have to have in your home and what the more flexible items would be if push comes to shove.  We take time to do an in-depth buyer consultation with all of our clients so we can understand their needs completely.  We talk about everything from location, to features, to price point, to schools and more, and then customize a search that’s going to show you listings as they come on the market.  This ensures that you’re not wasting time looking at homes that won’t work while risking missing out on a home that would have been perfect.  Again, it’s all about getting you ready first!

#3 – Write a WINNING offer!

The final thing we do for our clients is to use our experience and expertise to write a clean and strong offer for you.  Because we do this for dozens of buyers every year, we know what sellers are looking for.  We know how to position you to get what you need while also making the seller feel like they’re getting what they need.  Yes, we’ll include a heartfelt letter about why you’re perfect for the home and how much you love it, but we’ll also dig much deeper.  We’ll find out what things may be important to the seller, and then leverage that where we’re able to get the things that you want an need and want.  Since we work with a lot of sellers too, we know what a strong offer looks like.  You’d be surprised how many offers we see that are poorly written for a buyer who would have otherwise had all the needed tools to purchase the home.  You deserve the best!


So, don’t be alarmed.  There are articles everywhere today about how tough it is for buyers in this current market, and yet we’re helping people realize their dreams of homeownership in all types of markets.  We can help you too!  If you’d like more information on getting ready to buy or sell, you can email us at Info@HagerGroupMN.com, or call #612-702-3222.  You can also always contact us via our website at www.HagerGroupMN.com Thanks!!